NTP Time server


Synchronisation of IT networks and clock systems

NTP Time server

Network Time Protocol (NTP) is Essential for the Enterprise Network Integrity. NTP is the protocol used by most computers and networks to provide accurate timekeeping on IT systems.

Time on desktops and servers are notoriously inaccurate, and to achieve optimal operational performance, these devices must be synchronised to communicate effectively internally and externally.

Without time synchronisation, organisations can experience data loss, operational failure, legal liability, security vulnerabilities and loss of availability.

Our NTP time server will keep your server log file accurate and ensure your network will be perfectly on time.


carre_orange_1J2owy Applications:

The Sigma NTP Server provides high precision time directly to TCP/IP networks using NTP (Network Time Protocol). It synchronises the time of any computers or clocks (analogue or digital).

The Sigma NTP server is upgradeable and modular to match various installation requirements.

Bodet provide accurate and precise time solutions to a wide range of companies across the world. Our products are relied upon in time critical applications these include Airports, Railways and Trading /Dealer room operations.




Did you know that Bodet offers a wide range of digital and analogue clocks which can be connected directly to your existing Ethernet network?

All these clocks are available with either Mains power supply or Power-over-Ethernet connection (PoE).

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