2M tower clock movements are developped for outdoor dials from 0,5m to 2m diameter
with non-protected hands. One clock movement is mounted for each dial. The shaft length is
sized according to the wall thickness.

- Clock movement for dials from 0,5m to 2m diameter.
- Shaft length : dial fixing 45 to 80 mm and long shaft 200 to 1400mm.
- Power supply : 230VAC +/-10% 50Hz.
- Consumption : 30mA.
- Wind speed withstanding up to 130km/h.
- Protection index : IP53.
- Rust proof material construction : zinc coated steel casing, stainless steel shafts on self-lubricated bronze bearings.
- Maintenance free.

- Mechanical control through an external system 1 revolution per hour.
- Manual adjustment of the hands by disengaging of the motor.
- Supplied with expansion joint.
- Operating temperature : -40C to +60C.


Electrical clock movement

- 230V minute impulse, 3 wires, D1D2 slave movement.
- Requires a master clock that deliver D1D2 impulses (BTE, BTE6, Mic Delta).
- Easy adjustment of hand position from inside the building by clutch.
- Operating temperature : -40C to +60C.


Intelligent electrical clock movement

- Hand position controlled via sensors to guarantee time accuracy.
- 3 versions available :
  a. AFNOR coded time signal emitted by a master clock.
  b. FI or DCF radio synchronisation.
- GPS synchronisation.
- Automatic time setting clock.
- Operating temperature : -20C to +50C.