The electronic ringing motor provides the sound quality of a manual bell ringing. The motor is continuously controlled by a microprocessor from starting to braking of the ringing bell.



- Dust and waterproof construction (IP55), treated against corrosion.
- Motor support and cover in aluminium.
- Maximum speed : 1000 revolutions/minute.
- Operating temperature : -30C to +50C.
- Power supply :
  a. Three-phase 240/415V for bells from 80 to 2000Kg.
  b. Single-phase 240V for bells from 50 to 500Kg.
- The diameter of the wheel and the type of chain depend of the weight of the bell.
- Options: Single or double knell / Single, double or alkan knell.


Quality and accuracy of the peal

- The smooth operation eliminates all hiccoughs encountered on mechanical motors.
- Whatever are temperature and humidity, the full peal is precisely controlled to the exact revolution degree which guarantees the regular bell clapper stroke
and protects the bell.


Belfry and bell protection

- The motor is self-regulated with a security system to avoid amplitude going wrong beyond its limits.
- The stress over belfry and stonework is limited.