World Style : Multi time zone LED clock

The World Style clock displays the official time for 3 to 6 cities of your choice in the world.

Multi time zone clock

The World style clock enhances public or working areas in hotels, trading floors, banks, airports... The design of the clock will complement most interior decors.
Time zones and time setting are automatically memorized.

carre_orange_1J2owy Key Features:

  • Display: Red, Yellow, Green or Blue LED

  • Type: from 3 to 6 time zones

  • Automatic Winter/Summer changeover

  • Easy reprogramming (change time zone or city)

  • Synchronisation :  Independent (quartz), Radio, Afnor, NTP and Wireless DHF

Note: All Bodet World Style clocks can be manufactured to display the city or country zone of your choice


Time zone clock 3 cities

World Style 3 cities


Dimensions : L 850 x H 208 x W 113 mm


Time zone clock 4 cities

World Style 4 cities

Dimensions : L 1120 x H 208 x W 113 mm


Time zone clock 5 cities

World Style 5 cities

Dimensions : L 1385 x H 208 x W 113 mm


Time zone clock 6 cities

World Style 6 cities

Dimensions : L 1652 x H 208 x W 113 mm


Main applications:

Hotel lobbies, trading rooms, banking centres, airports, travel agencies...